Monday, 17 September 2007

PC Stuart Davidson, AKA PC David Copperfield

So now the secret's out. (A little early, actually: we were hoping to keep it under wraps till after Panorama tonight, but there we are.)
Stuart has kept it quiet for three years; that's some feat in the police, where, as any copper will tell you, banter and gossip are endemic.
We went to his leaving do in June, and there were people there from his own shift who had no idea (though one or two others had twigged).
Working with Stuart and publishing his book has been a great pleasure. He really is a very funny bloke, and also a very good writer, and he's become a good friend.
A few interesting facts about him:
1. He has several commendations for bravery. I believe one of these relates to the time he was beaten up by a lesbian.
2. He passed selection for the SAS. This is true, not a joke. The unit in question was 23 SAS, the TA version.
3. His wife is Indian, which only goes to confirm the stereotype that all police are racist bastards.
4. He's known to some in the police as 'William' on account of the fact that he looks quite a bit like former Tory leader William Hague.
5. He's on Jon Gaunt's Talk Sport show and Radio Five Live's Victoria Derbyshire show tomorrow.
It feels a bit like we've come to the end of a long road. We've had to keep his ID secret, deal with a lot of media and listen to the Police Minister calling him a liar and a fraud. Well, it takes one to know one, Tony.
I'd like to thank the officers who have known who 'Copperfield' really was for the last couple of months for keeping schtum.
I'd also like to thank the following journalists, newspapers and other media outlets: The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer, The Guardian, The Sun, The Mail on Sunday, The Times, The Sunday Times, Constabulary, Police Review, The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Newsnight, Anita Anand's Five Live show, Sky News, Peter Wilson of BBC Midlands Today, 20 or so regional radio shows and, of course, Panorama.
They all knew Stuart's real identity, too. We had to demonstrate his policing bona fides by revealing his name and force to them, and they all respected his confidentiality.
Now. PC Bloggs.



newshoney said...

Astonished you got the red tops to respect an embargo on revealing his name. Have so enjoyed his blog... will be recommending his book - and as we're also emigrating to Alberta will no doubt buy him a drink one of these days in the Great White North.

Anonymous said...

I know you're ignorant from the information you provide on your blog. Here's some factual information which will be news to your blog;

The selection process for the SAS is the same for regulars and the Territorial Army (what you call "part time").

One final factual comment, these what you call "part time" soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan just the same as the regular soldiers.
I assume from your comments that you were a regular soldier and the "part time" soldiers you might have called STAB's

Lets check out your IP and address and see who you are and where you live, I'm sure some STAB's from Iraq would like to let you know what they think of whose cowering wimp

News from Monday Books said...

Anonymous is referring to an earlier version of this post, in which we said Stuart had passed selection for 21 SAS. We went on to say, 'But they're the part-time version, so that doesn't really count.'
Firstly, this was - pretty obviously, I'd have thought - a joke. It was IRONIC.
Secondly, what is it with people? If something offends you, email us and we'll change it. As we have.
We're well aware that the Territorial SAS are extremely professional soldiers, as are the TA generally, and this was not a dig at them.
We're also well aware that TA soldiers are involved alongside regulars - we're just about to publish a book called "In Foreign Fields" which deals with medal winners from Iraq and Afghanistan; among them is a TA bloke who won the MC.
As for me being a cowering wimp and 'checking out my IP address' to see who I am, you don't need to - just go to my profile and you can see my website and email me, or even drop by. Our address is not a secret.
Anyway, to any other TA people who didn't see that it was meant ironically, sorry - we are behind you and all our armed forces 100%, and we've amended the post.

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